Cheap scooters and you!

Cheap scooters and you!

Posted by Kevin Mok

At OddStash, we get asked quite often which is the cheapest complete scooter we have in our shop. But is cheapest always the best for you?

To be honest, this is a fair question. The easiest answer is to head over to our complete scooter section and filter “prices from low to high”.

But before you hit that buy button, there are some criteria you might want to consider like

  • Will the height of the skate scooter fit you?
  • Will you be comfortable with the width and length of the deck?
  • Will you outgrow your freestyle scooter in 3 months’ time?

Will the height of the scooter fit you?
When you purchase a stunt scooter, you really want to make sure you can ride it comfortably. There really is no point getting a trick scooter that fits your budget but is too short to ride around with. About 80% of our complete pro scooters are factory fitted and entry level to intermediate models. Which means they generally fit someone around the age of 8 years old to 12 years old. The older you are towards the 10 year and above mark, the more you must pay attention to the height of the bars that comes with a complete scooter.

Will you be comfortable with the width and length of the deck?
Feet size varies across different riders. When choosing a scooter that fits your budget, make sure that the deck has the appropriate length and width that will fit your feet. Smaller decks means you will be trying to squeeze your feet between the headtube of the deck and brakes. This will in turn increase the chances of you accidentally stepping on the brakes and messing up your tricks.

Will you outgrow your freestyle scooter in 3 months’ time?
Over the years, we have seen customers that would not spend the additional couple of dollars to get a better size scooter only to end up back at our shop upgrading their bars for 3 times what they could have saved if they have gotten the right scooter in the first place. Customers who are in the tweens are most likely to outgrow their scooter quickly. So it is best to put in place some future proofing plans when you purchase your scooter.

In summary, entry-level scooters are great to start off with because they are budget friendly and cheap. But make sure you choose one that will fit you while you grow into the sports of freestyle scootering.

The best way to find out if a scooter fits you is to visit us at

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