OddStash Team

We are a young outfit trying to grow the sport of scootering in South East Asia. With the help of our team riders, we hope to be able to bring more riders into our sport to create a community of fun-loving action sports athletes.


This creature can be mostly found wandering the skatepark at ECP at the oddest hours. Don't let the looks fool you, he is actually quite tame and won't bite unless you diss him too much.



When not busy trying to negotiate independence for our country and practicing law, David can be found riding his Ethic DTC scooter usually throwing down a couple of flairs and backflips.




Friendly, humble and quiet, you only hear Adit when he throws down those bangers on the street of Jakarta. To find him, you need to only follow the sound of his screaming female fans.




Callum is our newest member riding for the Lucky Scooter brand. You will find him camped out at the highest drop at ECP Xtreme skatepark.


Our very first 2 team riders - Jack Bohm & Faiz throwing it down at Bishan Park


Team Session at ECP Skatepark - Part 1



Team Session at ECP Skatepark - Part 2

Featuring Faiz Pesanti, Reon Crosby and friends.



Team Session at ECP Skatepark - Part 3

Featuring Faiz Pesanti, Braydon Royal, Reon Crosbie, Breguiesh, Jake Tilney, Ben Edmonds and friendsl


Welcome to OddStash David Marshall


 OddStash teaming up with ScooterSG crew for a ECP session - Part 3



Team OddStash x Tolak Scooter and Friends in Malaysia KL

Featuring Raoul, Lil' Juzzy, Elfian, Addy Ryan and Friends.



Adit Gober Welcome to OddStash

Thanks to FSINA and Fariz for the vid.